What “Suits” Can Teach Us about Real-Life Law?


One of the most popular television shows on air today is “Suits”—a drama series about a young genius who pretends to be a lawyer in a big law firm. The show is full of intense cases, romance, and of course, a lot of drama. However, though it is a fictional show, there are a few things that the show can teach a person about the practice of law within the United States.

The first thing that “Suits” teaches us is that the legal secretaries, legal aides, and paralegals are absolutely invaluable. They do a lot of the work that the attorneys need in order to win their cases and file their suits. Truly, these the work horses in all law firms, and many of them get handsomely compensated for their work as well.

The next thing that the show highlights is that lawyers are driven by competition. By its very nature, law is a competitive subject. Opposing council competes with each other to see who has the better argument, the better case, the better witnesses, etc. Attorneys within the same firm compete for better cases and promotions. Attorneys even compete with themselves to get higher settlements and bigger deals. Attorneys as a whole are competitive and that competition dries them and enables them to be better attorneys.

“Suits” also teach us that the law truly is not written in stone. It is constantly changing as new circumstances arise and the law has to be interpreted differently or rewritten in order to apply for the circumstance. The law is almost a living, breathing organism that grows and changes as we as species and culture grow and change.

Fourth, “Suits” teach us that though lawyers in the big law firms make a lot of money, they also work extremely hard and ridiculously long hours. Many lawyers often sacrifice family time and personal time in order to do the best job possible for their clients on their cases. Attorneys are some of the people with the least amount of vacation time and most amount of overtime. As a whole, attorneys truly are the definition of the word “workaholic.”

Finally, “Suits” truly highlights that anything you say, do, type, or even post online can and will be used against you during a legal trial or case. Nothing is off limits, so start becoming a little more aware of the information you provide to people and some of the choices that you make. You never know when something you said or did may come back to haunt you.

So, though “Suits” is simply a well-written drama on television, there are quite a few solid takeaways from the show. These are facts that every person should be aware of and is thus another good reason that this show has been on the air as long as it has been. It not only entertains, but educates the audience at the same time, which greatly increases the social value that this show provides its audience.

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